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Fun(d)raising and Donations

Funds raised in the 2020 Campaign will be used for to fund the Resident Career Mentor Position and Mentorship Program with TRUSU AIMCanada TNC Club for the Fall and Winter Term September 2020- April 2021

Kindly select from the Donor List below and select your Donation Category.  Complete transaction with “Buy Now” button.

Donation Amount

Or set a customized amount or reoccurring donation to AIMCanada below:

are a Business, your Donation can be submitted as a Promotion or Marketing Expense.

Donor-                                          $  specify any other amount you wish to donate

PAC – Monthly                             $  specify the amount

Sponsor Business Donor –           $   100

Bronze Business Donor –             $   500

Silver Business Donor –                 $ 1000

Gold Business Donor –                  $ 1500

Contact –

Thank you to AIMCanada Mentorship Society Board of Directors, our Business/Corporate Donors and those of you in our AIMCanada Support Community.  Your kind Donations enables AIMCanada to ‘Increase Career Mentorship Opportunities and Build Mentorship Culture in Canada’.  Your generosity contributes 85 % of our budget. Without your support our Resident Mentor, Community Service Program and Career Counselling/Consulting Programs and Training Institute Ambassadour/Outreach Programs and Mentorship Housing Program would not exist. Our Communities and the Regional Economy gain with your Vision and Generosity.