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AIMCanada Services – Resident Mentorship Program

Our key volunteer/contract person with the Mentorship Club is the Resident Mentor.

This is a current student that wishes to gain counselling, leadership and team building experience to place on their resume. Other students who have served as Resident Mentor have placed this gained Experience on their resumes and interviewers have asked about this service. This is a unique opportunity to gain experience that you would not get with Student Employment that is towards your Career Development.

Resident Mentor is the primary Student Contact Person who assists the Club Mentorship Executive with student outreach, event presentations, assisting the AIMCanada Career Consultants/Counselors with referrals, reprenting the Mentorship Club at Public Presentations. All of your service will be recognized in a Referral Letter for your move onto your Career Employment. If you are interested contact any one of the Current Mentorship Club Leaders or phone/text 250 329-6218 or Resident Mentor Inquiry in Subject Line to